Want a nose trimmer with a vacuum? Try the Panasonic ER430K

Panasonic ER430K Vacuum-Trimmer



This cordless and ergonomic nose and ear hair trimmer is a perfect personal care device, which you can use easily and safely use at home or when travelling. It is powered by 1 AA battery, and the battery will provide 90 minutes of efficient trimming of all those unwanted hairs.


It is waterproof, so you can use it both under the shower and in dry conditions. This makes it very easy for maintenance because you can wash it without ruining it right after you are done with the trimming.

It has a handy vacuum system to whisk away all those hair clippings, so you don’t need to worry about the mess of all those hairs falling in the sink, inhaling them and sneezing whenever you choose to use the trimmer.


Probably the worst experience which people can have with low-quality nose and ear hair trimmers is the very painful pulling which some of these devices can cause. Well, such is not the case with this wonderful device from Panasonic. It features a double edge, 60 degree blade which will cut those unwanted hairs fully without the unwanted and painful pulling. It has hypo-allergenic blades, so no worries about being left with irritated skin or ugly rashes after you are done with the trimming.


You can use it quickly and easily and will be ready and presentable right after that, without hairs stuck on your face or neck, with no danger of inhaling any hairs and without any visible evidence that you have undergone trimming in those sensitive areas.

As we said, it is great for travelling. It comes with a convenient travel pouch and has a protective cover for the trimming head. All you need is one AA sized battery and you are set. The cap even has a nice little mirror, so you can use your trimmer at all times, in case of a “hair emergency”.


So, overall, if you want a trimming device for the ugly nose and ear hairs, and you don’t want to deal with the hassle of hairs falling everywhere and end up with a clean trimmed and smooth face, this is one trimmer you should definitely consider purchasing. No more painful pulling or waiting for the trimmer to be charged before using it.