Try this Panasonic ES-ED90-P Epilator for excellent results


This beauty product is an absolutely incredible universal device for hair removal by epilation or shaving as well as a great pedicure tool for foot care.

Power and epilation:

The dual disk epilator is fully water proof which makes it suitable for wet as well as dry tweezing. We found that using soothing gel for wet epilation makes the hair removal experience much less painful and easier.

A great feature of this device is that it operates both when plugged in as well as cordlessly after being charged. This means that you can use it at all times and virtually anywhere at home or when travelling. Full charging takes only 1 hour and this full charge will ensure 90 seamless minutes of cordless usage, which is sufficient for taking care of all unwanted hairs on your body, and giving your feet a nice treatment and cleaning as well.


Other functions:

The shaving head of this product is designed with a 60 degree angle allowing for a nice close shave in all hard to reach and more sensitive areas of the body. The manufacturer has used hypo-allergenic and nickel free blades for the shaving head, which makes shaving much safer and will leave your skin free of rashes right after shaving. Also, the device has a powerful LED lamp to ensure you don’t miss a spot of unwanted hair when shaving. If you don’t fancy LEDs, try out the Braun silk epil 9 – another highly recommended device

The purchase of this hair removal device actually means that you are getting a combination of not one but 6 different devices, because of the six great attachments it comes with, including: the epilation head, a gentle epilation cap, a cap for epilation beginners, the very efficient shaving head, a bikini shaving cap as well as the foot care buffering unit.

So, once you have this device you can give yourself a full-body treatment and end up with a perfectly smooth body and feet. Plus, it comes with a convenient travel pouch and cleaning brush for easy maintenance.


In conclusion, we can say that this nice multifunctional personal care unit is definitely worthwhile, and will perform perfectly no matter which functions of the amazing 6 options available you choose to use. It is easy to wash, has 90 minutes of cordless functionality and will ensure that your skin is nice, smooth and radiant after you treat it.