Get silky smooth skin with this Philips Satin Perfect epilator


Power and epilation:

This Satin Perfect Deluxe epilator is suitable for easy and efficient removal of even the finest hairs. It features a unique vibrating hair-lifter which helps lift the hairs and remove them with one swipe.

Philips has used hypo-allergenic ceramic epilation disks to help soothe the skin and to prevent those annoying rashes which often occur after epilation and waxing. Even better, the epilation head is fully washable, so you are guaranteed top hygiene when treating your body with it. It is also fitted with a handy opti-light lamp which allows you to see each and every hair in the area you are treating.

The device has two speed levels and one charging of the epilator will give you a massive 40 minutes to fully remove all unwanted hairs in one sitting. It is safe for use in the most delicate areas and even epilate the face. Your skin will feel rejuvenated and softer than ever after you are done with the hair plucking.


After you get used to the epilation process with this unit, you will find that it will take you no longer than 20-30 minutes to completely remove the unwanted hair from the legs, and this procedure will need to be done just about once a month. After regular treatment, the hair growth will visibly decrease and the hairs will become thinner, so the overall effect will be excellent.

Other functions:

It also has a shaving, trimming and styling attachment, which makes it an even more attractive beauty product. If you want to get fansier with dual head epilator, check out the Panasonic dual disk ES-ED90-P.
Plus, it will give your body a gentle massage while you are plucking those dreaded hairs.
The shaving head also offers an easy and very efficient and close shave.
The travel case of this epilator comes with a mirror which allows you to pluck unwanted hairs anywhere you choose to by relying on that bright LED light of the tweezers.


In conclusion, we highly recommend this epilator-shaver from Philips. It can be used in wet and dry conditions. One full charging of the unit will allow for the treatment of your whole body, and even the thinnest hairs will be removed. The soothing pivotal massage head will help with the pain management, and will make your skin feel great even after an intensive plucking session.