A trimmer you can use in the shower offers you precise and pain-free nose trimming



It operates on 1 AA battery, but still is powerful enough to ensure you trim the hairs closely without the painful pulling which can be experienced when using a less powerful trimming device.


If you are looking for a durable, safe and efficient nose and ear hair trimmer, this one could be the right one for you. Entirely made of high quality stainless steel, the body and the blades of this trimmer will stay clean and will endure decades of use and washing.


It is 100% water resistant, so you can wash it off after you are done with the removal of your unsightly unwanted facial hairs, and you can use it in the shower or right after a bath.

It has a lifelong replacement warranty, so you can rest assure that this is the only trimmer you will be buying for quite a while.


It is easy and comfortable to hold and use and it will ensure you do a perfect job at removing those unwanted hairs efficiently and safely. Plus, it has an added bright LED light which will ensure that you don’t miss a single hair when removing nose and ear hairs. It is also suitable for eyebrow and beard or mustache trimming, due to its special rotary blade system allowing for safe trimming of areas which are otherwise difficult to reach and to trim.


All in all, this trimmer is a simple and yet durable trimming device, which is very easy to use and provides painless and efficient in hair removal and trimming. Its lifelong warranty and solid waterproof make will ensure you have it and can use it for a long time. All you need is one single AA sized battery, and you can start removing all the unwanted nose and ear hair you have immediately with this trimming device. The trimming process is fast, easy and most importantly – painless.