Remington HC6550 Cordless Vacuum clipper just slides through the hair catching the trims as it goesDo you hate being covered with all those itchy annoying hairs after a haircut? The Remington HC6550 vacuum hair clippers can resolve this problem for you once and for all!

Not only do these Remington hair clippers look amazing, but they feature an innovative vacuum feature which puts them ahead of a number of other electric hair clippers on the market. It allows for the efficient capture of all of the trimmed hair during the grooming, so you will end up with the perfect haircut and with no leftover hair covering your face, body, clothes, and floor after that. All this is achieved thanks to the ingenious vacuum function of the cordless hair clippers.

If you want to learn more about what to expect if you choose to buy this grooming device, please take the time to read my objective Remington HC6550 vacuum hair clippers review.

Overview of the Remington HC6550 vacuum hair clippers

Design and body: Cordless hair clippers for freedom of motion

The eye-catching design of the Remington HC6550 vacuum clipper makes it one of the best looking men’s hair clippers currently being offered on the market. Also, they are most definitely among the best hair clippers with vacuum function which I have tested!

The azure blue color and the hard plastic body are a joy to the eyes and to the hands.

What's in the kit of the vacuum / cordless hair clippers?Even better, the Remington hair clippers with vacuum are cordless. This means that you have a full range of motion, and the freedom to cut your or someone else’s hair wherever you want.

The cordless hair clipper can operate up to 60 minutes per charge, which is long enough for even the most complicated hair cutting task. Its Lithium power battery is fully charged for a mere 4 hours.  It can be used corded as well if you prefer.

The nifty charging indicator will inform you once the battery is starting to run out so that you can finish up with your grooming and let it re-charge once again.

Even if you happen to run out of battery power, you can simply plug the HC6550 in and finish up your hair grooming job.

To add to these remarkable features, the Remington HC6550 vacuum clipper also comes with an 18 piece grooming kit, which includes 2 left and right tapering and 9 fixed length combs (from 1.5 to 25mm), a pair of pro barber scissors, blade oil, a pouch and more.

The amazingly durable and sharp titanium coated blades provide a professional-level haircutting experience.

The blades and all other parts are washable, so you can easily clean out the Remington vacuum clipper after you are done.

Vacuum function for mess-free hair cutting experience

What's in the kit of the vacuum / cordless hair clippers?Remington HC6550 vacuum clipper’s design allows for a very clean and hassle-free haircutting experience. The vacuum fan provides a cool breeze during the grooming, which will make you feel like you are enjoying time near the ocean rather than just cutting your hair.

This vacuum hair clipper collects the large majority of all hair which is cut during the grooming into a special compartment. Of course, it is not perfect, so you can expect a few hair cuttings to get away. Still, this clever function will save you a massive amount of time and energy for washing yourself and cleaning up after getting a haircut. No wonder, these professional hair trimmers are considered the best vacuum hair clippers available.

The Remington cutter is easy to clean. Just take out the vacuum part and the blades and wash out all the hair trimmings collected or stuck in it.

All you need to do is oil the blades from time to time, and charge your hair shaver with vacuum, and you will have a beast of a hair cutting device handy for whenever you want a clean and hassle-free haircut.

Some flaws of the Remington HC6550 vacuum clipper

Unfortunately, just like with many of my other electric hair clippers, the main downside of the Remington HC6650 is that the comb attachments are made of plastic. This increases the risk of them bending during use or handling and thus causing problems during a haircutting session.

Also, the blades can cut pretty close without the attachments, which means that you need to be extra careful.

Last but not least, this is one of the larger and heavier cordless hair clippers out there. This is mainly due to the vacuum technology. Still, some people may find it a bit too heavy and uncomfortable to use, especially when cutting your own hair.

Then again, the vacuum system is pretty nifty and works very well, so if you are ready to handle a bit more weight, this hair clipper from Remington is definitely worth it!


The final verdict when it comes to the Remington HC6550 is that it is definitely one of the leading choices when it comes to hair clipping devices with vacuum systems.

It is a very beautiful grooming tool, with a large kit of accessories. It can be used corded and cordless. The battery is fully charged in just 4 hours and can power the device for up to an hour.

The vacuum technology creates a very pleasant breeze and also gathers most of the hair clippings as you go.

This will definitely make life much easier for you, given that you will save time for cleaning up after you are done, and will save time for washing and showering off those itchy and tickly hairs off of your face and body.

This is a medium budget hair cutting tool which provides a great hair grooming experience and solid quality. For a fair amount of money, you will get a full grooming kit suitable for any hair cutting need.

It is large but yet comfortable to hold and use.

And let’s not forget, this versatile hair clipper form Remington will leave your bathroom and you nice and clean even after an intensive hair cutting session! It is definitely worth every cent you will pay!