Speed slick clipping with the best overall sheep shearsEvery sheep-owner knows that it is essential to shear the animals at least once a year, especially before lambing. It also keeps them comfortable and clean as the weather gets warmer.

If you are currently relying on professional shearers to do this tricky task, you should consider investing in a pair of quality electric sheep shears with clipper blade to perform the job yourself. This will save you a lot of money in the future, and you will be able to do your own shearing or clipping whenever you want.

Once you get yourself one of the best sheep shears on the market you can learn how to shear your sheep safely and quickly. Hopefully, you will get to the point where you remove the entire fleece in one piece, just as professional shearers do.

No-nonsense Buying Guide to the Electric Sheep Shears

There is a wide variety of different professional tools for shearing. Some of the best cordless sheep clippers can do wonders for grooming your animals. However, if you prefer to have continuous speed and power for shearing one animal after another without stopping, choose a pair of corded shears. And get a sheep shearing stand to save your back, too.

Look for a tool which is easy to handle, comfortable and provides a secure grip – this is crucial if you want you and your animal to be safe during the grooming.

Also, when choosing a variable speed sheep clipper, make sure that the switch is easy to find and use so you don’t need to pause during the shearing.

The best choice is to get a good quality, durable and powerful clipping tool so you can rely on it for longer and get the best value for the money you plan on spending.

Best sheep shearing clippers – Oster ShowMaster

Oster ShowMaster Single-Speed Electric sheep shearsLooking for a good pair of Oster electric clippers? The ShowMaster sheers are newly improved and now feature a much lighter construction and a strong shatterproof housing. You know how important it is to have durable shears for sheep given the arduous task of having to get through the thick wool of so many animals. The Oster ShowMaster is just that.

Shearing is so much easier and less painstaking with the superb grip, lightweight design and excellent maneuverability of these single-speed electric sheep shears.

The kit comes with a 3-inch head, a 13-inch tooth comb, and a 4 point cutter which you can all neatly store in the convenient toolbox case with various storage compartments. Also, you get a brush, extra air intake screen, and grease to keep the ShowMaster clean and running smoothly.

These are one of the heaviest-duty professional sheep shears and they cut fleece like butter, which means less effort for you and reduced stress to the animal.

The blade adjustment couldn’t be easier with such an easy to regulate tension knob. In addition, it stays oiled up for nearly 100 hours of use, so you don’t need to worry about constant oiling and maintenance.

The CryogenX blade can be interchanged with all Clipmaster heads, and the lengthy 15-foot power cord is heavy duty and helps you move around easily during the shearing.

The ShowMaster shears are a definite must if you want reliable and effective electric shears for sheep to ensure the proper grooming of your animals.

Best variable-speed Oster sheep shears Oster Clipmaster

Oster Clipmaster Variable Speed oster clippers for sheep fleeceGreat for sheep shearing and clipping on cattle and horses, the Oster Clipmaster is a classic favorite for professionals and for newbies in shearing.

They are heavy and very stable, so they are superb for the heavy duty shearing jobs at your farm.

The variable speed electric sheep shears are relatively cool running, so there is no need for pausing too often during the shearing job. You will save time and a lot of effort with these versatile shears.

Shifting in between the various speeds starting from a slower 700 and reaching to the powerful 3000 strokes per minute can be done with the handy speed switch while you are clipping and shearing.

Choose the faster speed for the heavy growth, and quickly switch back to slower cutting speed once you get to the delicate areas or do your finish ups.

These top-notch sheep flock shears feature a 3” head and a 15-foot sturdy heavy duty power cord. You also get a toolbox case for storing the Oster Clipmaster along with the added lubricating oil and grease.

The tension knob is easy to use and will ensure that the comb and cutter are in place during the grooming which as you know is quite a bit of a hassle with some sheep clippers.

The sharp CryogenX blade will last for years if you clean it up and oil it regularly. The blades can always be re-sharpened by an Oster service center, so get ready to use your Clipmaster for a long time!

Best mid-range Lister sheep shears – Lister Star

Lister Star are our #3 choice for sheep shearing clippers for rough cuttingGet ready for a hassle free and fast shearing experience if you go with the Lister Star electric-powered and durable shears for your sheep.

The powerful and reliable magnet motor will cut through even the heaviest and dirtiest growth without slowing down or stopping and stressing out your farm animals. Lister is also our value/price clippers for cattle pick and definitely offers the right balance in terms of performance and pricepoint.

Even if there is a jam, and as you know it happens even to the most experienced shearers, the overload switch of these single-speed sheep clippers will protect the motor from damage and your sheep from getting hurt.

Lister Star’s air filters are very easy to maintain as you can remove them and replace them at any time. These are very efficient for keeping the head and blade of the best affordable and quiet sheep hair shears to stay cool and safe for use during the shearing. An extra plus is that the ventilator system will keep those annoying hairs from sticking on your face while you are grooming the animals.

This is a top pick for the best set of quality sheep shears because they are light, comfortable to hold and maneuver, and will provide you with that continuous speed you can rely on for shearing without pausing and getting stuck in the middle of the job.

Small home farm sheep clippers: Premier 4000c set

Premier 4000c heavy duty sheep shears are an excellent choice if you are looking for a full setThe Premier 4000c is probably the best overall, fast and quiet sheep clippers. You will have a stress-free experience while shearing once you start using the Premiers. The motor is much smaller and implements internal roller bearings, unlike the usual bushings which tend to heat up more and wear out faster.

The effective fan keeps the head cool even during intensive shearing jobs, which is why these electric shears are preferred by many shearers. You can safely shear your sheep without worrying about getting them burnt, nicked or agitated.

These are a pair of great shears that last a long time, and they are sold with a 3-year warranty, which makes your purchase a very well-founded investment.

Apart from a set of quality shears, you also get a durable and lockable storage box along with a fine blade set and a large bottle of blade oil.

The long cord of these grooming sheep clippers is a true blessing for shearers because you can easily reach all parts of the animal without having to struggle.

Prepare to be extremely happy with the results of the grooming if you buy a pair of Premier 4000c best value wool shears.  No more lines after the job, and both you and the animals will feel much happier after the fast, seamless and safe procedure is done!

Best affordable grooming sheep clippers -TAKEKIT 6-Speed Detachable Blade Professional

BestChoice is an electric sheep shearing clipper great for small flocksThe Takekit 6 speed are a pair of good entry-level grooming shears. You can use them for grooming all of your farm animals, horses and llamas included. While these will work great on smaller breeds or for clipping smaller areas, get heavy-duty horse clippers if you are doing full body grooming of larger breeds.

The powerful motor of these sheep grooming clippers will easily zoom through even the dirtiest and thickest coats. You can enjoy a truly seamless shearing experience thanks to these top-of-the-line sheep clippers. An amazing 2400 strokes per minute will keep you going no matter what condition the animal’s coat is in.

These light and compact clippers are relatively quiet and stay cool during use. The durable, high quality make and the comfort provided by the ergonomic design make the TAKIKIT irreplaceable for any farmer or animal owner.

There is no need to purchase any additional accessories once you order these clippers with sheep blade because they come in a full kit including a storage case, cleaning brush, a screwdriver, and oil.

Even if you are new to shearing, you will feel comfortable holding and maneuvering around with the TAKEKIT shears.

The best news is that they are available at a very affordable price, which makes them an absolute favorite for newbie and non-professionals too. You can save tons of money for professional grooming and shearing, and will also be able to perform the job properly once you start using these shears.

Which is the right shearing equipment for you?

We’ve handpicked and thoroughly reviewed all models on this list to ensure that you will get quality no matter which one you will choose. So, get ready for your annual shearing now. If you are new to all of this – start with the basics – learn how to shear the sheep [1], and then learn few tips and tricks [2] to make the job easier. Then pick a handy pair of the best shears for sheep from this list. No more dealing with groomers and shearers – you can do the job by yourself without fear of hurting the animal or yourself while at it!