Taylor of Old Bond Street will moisturize your skin and limit razor burn

Taylor of Old Bond Street shaving cream



The Taylor of Old Bond Street shaving cream will most likely change your shaving experience altogether. It is a high-quality shaving cream which will provide the perfect lathering to prepare your beard for shaving.

Free of parabens, this shaving cream will not irritate your skin, and just a little bit of this product is sufficient to create a rich lather and improve your shaving experience. Of course, as with other shaving products, it is always recommended to use this one right after a long hot shower, so that you prepare your beard and soften it as much as possible. Then use the shaving bowl and just a tiny amount of the cream and apply it on the face. The scent and the feeling of the thick and soft cream will leave you very happy.



It moisturizes the skin, helps reduce and limit razor burn and any skin irritation which often happens after shaving with the inappropriate type of cream or foam. Even better, its rich masculine scent will give you a perfect start for the day. The amazing aroma combines: sandalwood, lavender, cedar and a touch of rosemary.

This shaving cream is sold with a nice sandalwood bowl to help prepare the perfect lathering with just the right amount of water and cream.


Combine this wonderful product with a high-quality safety razor, and you will get a smooth shave, plus you will end up with amazingly soft and moisturized skin after that.
The feeling of the skin after using this product is moist and minty, and the smell is sophisticated and masculine leaving you with the feeling that you have just walked out of one of those great old-fashioned barber shops from the good old days.
It does cost more than the shaving soap you can get from your local grocery store, but the effect it will have on your shaving experience and routine is totally worth it. Plus, you only need a tiny bit of cream to create a rich thick lather, sufficient for a great close shave.