No matter what your age, profession and social status are – being properly groomed at all times is important for your overall image and self-confidence. If you think that grooming will take up a lot of your time and money, you could be right if you do not do it in a proper manner.

We have several grooming tips for men, which are easy, quick and will help you look presentable and well at all times:

  1. Start visiting your barber on a regular basis. You should visit at least once in every four weeks in order to keep your hair in nice shape, form and to look well-kept and presentable.
  2. Try out a hair product which is suitable for your specific type of hair. If you are not sure about your hair type – ask your barber. If you have thick hair you can use pomades and waxes, but if it is thin, you should buy lighter hair products, sprays or others.
  3. Choose the most appropriately scented aftershave. Don’t overdo it, because nobody likes men who smell like they bathed in their aftershave. Choose one or two masculine scents which you like and which suit your style and character. You can choose seasonal scents by picking a heavier woody or musky scent for the cold seasons, and a lighter and fresher scent for the spring and summer seasons.
  4. Make sure you wash your teeth properly and regularly. It is recommended that you invest in buying a good quality electric toothbrush, because they are designed and made to properly clean your teeth, remove the plaque and help reduce and resolve gum problems.
  5. Take care of keeping your private parts nicely trimmed and cleaned. You can use an electric razor to make sure that things are nice and tidy down there – it is a matter of personal hygiene as well as polite to your partner.
  6. Make sure your beard is nice and clean. Even if you are into the lumberjack styling and wear a beard, make sure that it is nice and clean. Wash it regularly, condition it, and use a beard trimmer to make sure it looks nicely shaped and well-kept. Do the trimming once a week, wash and condition daily.
  7. If you don’t have a beard, make sure that you use proper razors and shaving products to keep your skin nice and smooth, without itching, redness and nicks. You can try conditioning the skin with shaving oil before the shave, and soak your razor blade in hot water to help expand the pores of your face. If you can, you should visit your barber for a proper professional shave once a week too.
  8. Scrub your face to clean out the dead skin cells, blackheads and other residues from your face by washing it meticulously with a facial scrub product with microbeads. A good rule of the thumb is to reserve Monday mornings for a nice facial scrub.
  9. Taking care of your nose and ear hairs (read: getting rid of them!). Make sure you trim any protruding hairs from your nose, ears or other unusual parts of the face and body. Purchase and use a nose and ear trimmer or a universal grooming device to manage unwanted hair on your entire body. If you have joint eyebrows, pluck some of the hairs away, or better off ask your barber to deal with the problem professionally.
    trimming fingernails
  10. Trim your nails. Keep your hands looking clean and nice by trimming your fingernails once a week. Do it after a bath or shower, and use moisturizer to deal with the flaky skin and cuticles.
  11. Scrub your feet well. Make sure you regularly use pumice stone to remove the dead skin from your feet. Do it during or right after a bath or shower when the skin is soft. Clip your toe nails regularly to keep your feet looking well.