Are you having strong deliberations about starting to use an epilator to remove the hair from your legs and arms? You may be hesitant because you are afraid of the pain from epilation, but in actuality the pain is more of a discomfort, and after the first time around, you will stop noticing it.

Using an epilator to remove unwanted hairs is actually a reliable and relatively cheap way to manage the situation and keep your legs smooth and hairless for a longer time.

Epilation involves pulling hairs out with their roots, and usually it is pulling many hairs at the same time. Usually, after a thorough epilation, you will not need to do it again for at least 3 weeks. Also, with time, the pulling of the roots will cause the reduction and thinning of the hairs.

Still, if you feel pain, or fear the pain, there are ways to naturally reduce it during the epilation process.

How to reduce epilation pain?

1. Take a shower before you start

First of all, it really helps with the pain management, if you take a hot shower or bath before epilation. The heat opens up the pores and relaxes the skin. Actually, there are epilators which are “wet and dry”, and you can actually use them while you are in the shower. But please do not attempt to use a normal epilator in the shower.

2. Exfoliate your skin

Also, if you exfoliate your skin a couple of days before epilation, it will help resolve the issues with redness and bumps during and after the epilation process. After epilation, the skin is softer, so epilation becomes easier.

3. Waxing before epilating

Get a professional waxing about one week before trying epilation for the first time. Waxing pulls the hairs with the roots, so they grow thinner and easier to pull.

4. Equal hairs lenght=less pain

Also, try to keep the length of the hairs equal and not too long before you epilate them again, longer hairs are harder and more painful to pull.

5. Your skin must be tight

During the actual epilation, make sure the skin you are epilating is tight, so that you don’t accidentally get pinched by the tweezers, and also because epilating hairs on tight skin is less painful.

6. Start slower

The faster the speed of the epilator, the quicker the epilation is, but if you are a newbie, you might want to start at a slower speed, and once you get used to the feeling to move on the faster one.

7. Cooling pads help

Some epilators come with special cooling pads to help ease the pain.

8. Use numbing cream if everything else fails

There are also certain numbing (lidocaine) creams for those of you who are super-sensitive to pain. They need to be applied an hour before the epilation, and your skin will become numb.

9. ..or a glass of wine 😉

Some ladies even recommend taking a mild painkiller before the epilation, but a glass of wine should do the job too!

In conclusion, just remember that even if it hurts you in the beginning, it will definitely become better with time!