If you are like me you definitely prefer a clean bathroom sink after grooming instead of a messy one. The sad truth is that using the standard tools to keep your hair and whiskers under control, requires serious cleaning up after you are done, and can end up with a very unhappy spouse due to the leftover hairs in the sink or on the floor.

This is why getting a vacuum trimmer is a must, if you want to save time from cleaning up and if you want to keep your loved one or roommates happy after you are done with trimming.

After testing numerous vacuum clippers and trimmers, I am ready to present you with my top choices based on quality, performance and price.

Here is my list of the vacuum clippers that are really worth it – to save you the time and sweat of browsing through the numerous hair grooming devices available on the market:

Top 3 Picks: Best Vacuum Hair Clippers

Best overall vacuum clippers Remington HC6550

Remington HC6550 offer good value for price and is our #1 choice for vacuum clippersThe Remington HC6550 is definitely my top choice when it comes to design, performance and sturdiness. Truly they are the Remington’s best clippers with a vacuum function as they provide incredibly precise cuts and at the same time the vacuum feature is top notch as it manages to collect about 90% of the hair cuttings. Even if you have a curly and thick set of hair, you needn’t worry about the vacuum compartment getting stuffed up in the middle of the grooming session. This cutter is fitted with possibly the biggest vacuum compartments as compared to the other alternatives available at the market.

At the same time, it is not too bulky and its ergonomic shape makes it very steady and easy to grip and use seamlessly. The HC6550 features a very tough design and the strong plastic body will ensure that the vacuum cutter stays intact and working even after prolonged use.

In fact, the design of the HC6550 is quite eye catching and its use is very pleasant given the soft breeze of the vacuum.

Unlike most other products in this range, here you get a cordless vacuum clipper which means you have the freedom of getting a haircut whenever and wherever you want. The Lithium-Ion battery will ensure about an hour of powerful clipping and vacuuming. The battery is fully charged for 4 hours which is a perfectly reasonable recharging time, given the strong performance and reliability of this grooming tool.

The steel blades are titanium coated which makes them stronger, sharper and will help you achieve a superbly precise trim or cut. There is no painful pulling when you use the HC6550 and you can achieve a truly neat and close cut. If you are looking for a balding clipper though – this particular model will not work for you.

Otherwise, you will be incredibly happy if you order these clippers with vacuum, because they come in a full set for all kind of hair clipping jobs, including guards from 1 to 1/8 inches, styling combs, ear tapers, scissors and other handy grooming accessories for the perfect hairstyle.

Top affordable vacuum hair cutter Remington HKVAC2000A

HKVAC2000A is the in-between model - affordable hair clipper with vacuum that gets the job doneIf you are looking for a more reasonably priced option than the HC6550, then the HKVAC2000A is a perfect choice for you. Keep in mind though that given its lower price range and class, this set of hair clippers with vacuum do not provide the same powerful and precise clipping performance as the exceptional HC6650 reviewed above. Also, the vacuum compartment of this groomer is not as large either which can present a bit of a problem if you have thick and curly hair which needs to be groomed without all the mess and clogging associated with the procedure.

Still, the suction provided by this model of clippers with vacuum is nearly as highly efficient as the more expensive model from Remington which means that it has the capability of collecting quite a bit of the cuttings while you are working on your hairstyling.

The HKVAC2000A features a very elegant design and is lighter and more compact than the other pick from Remington. It is an impeccable option if you are in search for a clipper to perform simple hair cutting procedures at home, preferably for short to medium haircuts.

These Remington clippers with vacuum are not wireless and don’t feature the stunning titanium coated blades, and yet they are made with quality in mind and can serve you well at a low price.

The best news is that this clipper from Remington comes in an 18 piece set like the more expensive version, so if you choose to purchase it you will get the sharp barber scissors, the 1-1/8 inch guides, combs, tapers and all other necessary accessories to get your hair or sideburns in great shape.

This model is definitely my top choice for the best budget vacuum haircut kit with superb value for the money it costs.

Best professional vacuum clippers Wahl Senior Vacuum

For a no-compromise, convenient and no-mess grooming, Wahl Senior vacuum clippers are the right onesThis clipper from Wahl is barber grade and being that it is bulkier than the others in my list. The body is 6.5 inches long and weighs 1.3 lbs., which makes it very suitable for those of you with thick and coarse or even longer hair.

The most intriguing feature of the Senior Vacuum clipper is that its vacuum feature connects to your home vacuum cleaner and it is very efficient for collecting all that unwanted clippings during the hair cutting procedure.

Based on the classic Senior line, these Wahl vacuum hair cutters are fitted with a V9000 electromagnetic motor which is the most powerful one used by Wahl. In fact, it provides about 2 to 3 times more power than the other picks from Remington.

As for the blades, the Senior vacuum hair clippers feature incredibly sharp and precise #1005 stainless steel blades which can be combined with one for the 6 combs which are sold with the tool and which range from size 1/8 to 1 inches for achieving any kind of hairstyle.

Possible problems which you may experience if you choose to buy this Wahl vacuum clipper is the fact that it is quite heavier than the other alternatives available on the market, and that the hose for the vacuuming function can feel a bit flimsy and get in the way of your proper grooming. Also, it is not cordless which means that you need to deal with the cord plugged into an electrical outlet as well while working on your haircut.

Overall the Wahl Senior Vacuum is a very powerful hair clippers with vacuum function which will allow you to properly and cleanly cut any type of hair. It is durable, precise and an absolutely perfect choice for those of you who need to cope with seriously thick or long hair.

Top 3 picks: best beard trimmers with vacuum

Our overall best beard trimmer with vacuum Philips Norelco QT4070/41

The best Norelco beard trimmer with vacuum function, QT4070/41 gets the #1 spot in our list When it comes to professional vacuum beard trimmer, the Norelco QT4070/41 is no doubt my top pick. It is the priciest of all of my other trimmers of choice but for the investment you make, you will definitely receive the best expected results – both precise-wise as well as when it comes to collecting all the flying hair cuttings during the trimming.

This Phillips 7300 series has 18 different length settings ranging from 1mm (1/32 inches) to 18mm (23/32 inches). This means that it is suitable for just about any beard and moustache type and shape.

If you choose to buy this beard trimmer with vacuum from the Norelco series, you will also receive two comb options including a simple stubble comb and a more sophisticated comb for contour following allowing for a very precise and neat trim of your moustache, beard or sideburns.

The blades of the Philips QT4070/41 are self-sharpening which means you will not need to oil them consistently prior to every use.

Another definite plus of this professional vacuum hair trimmer is that it has two operation modes including a turbo power setting which speeds up the procedure. This is a superb option if you have a thick and burly beard which needs to be properly groomed on a regular basis.

The cordless function of the Norelco vacuum beard trimmer is also a plus for all who want to skip the discomfort of having to work around the power cord while taking care of their facial hair. The Lithium-Ion battery will run for up to 75 minutes and need only 1 hour for charging. Even though 75 minutes is plenty of time, the display will inform you about the remaining battery life just in case. It will also show you the exact trimming length you have chosen.

Best balanced beard trimmer with vacuum: Philips Norelco 7200

Quality choice that won't break the bank - Norelco 7200 beard trimmer with vacuumThe Remington VPG6530 is considerably bulkier than my other two choices of beard trimmers with vacuum function. It weighs a hefty 1.2 lbs. but then again it features some of the Remington’s greatest trademark features.

The VPG6530 is truly a multifunctional tool including: a beard trimmer, ear and nose hair trimmer, detailer trimmer and a foil shaver. So, for its very reasonable price you will receive a 4-in-1 grooming tool which is quite a great deal come to think about it!

The trimming lengths available can easily be adjusted during the grooming procedure from 2mm to 16mm. Plus, you will receive 4 different clip-on combs sized 1.5, 3, 6 and 9mm to suit your most needs and preferences. Although the guides can be a bit flimsy, they are great accessories for facial hair shaping especially given the low price of this product.

This vacuum beard trimmer is cordless and while it will not work for as long as the Norelco QT4070/41, you will still get sufficient running time from this tool which should be sufficient for just about any, no matter DIY or professional vacuum trimming job.

One of the best things about this Philips facial hair trimmer with vacuum is that it is very quick and easy to clean due to the fact that the hair chamber can be detached and washed without hassle.

You must be warned though that the Norelco vacuum trimmer is quite a bit noisier than my other picks from the Norelco series which some may find bothersome.

In conclusion, I must say that with it overall great performance and all added accessories and features it comes with, the VPG6530 offers awesome value without having to break the bank.

Best affordable hair trimmer with vacuum Remington VPG6530

VPG6530 beard trimmer with vacuum by Remington is our pick for the people on budgetAnother top pick from the famous Norelco series from Philips, the 7200 series beard trimmer with vacuum features the perfect balance between optimal performance and a great price.

It is lighter than the more powerful QT4070/41 model and features an exquisite stylish look due to the chrome finish and great design.

The blades of this Remington beard trimmer with vacuum are the most suitable choice for those of you who have sensitive skin. They are much gentler than those of the other models, and are self-sharpening which makes them much easier to maintain.

The trimming heads are washable and are complemented by a very efficient vacuuming system which will keep as much of the hairs out of the device and off of you and your sink.

The Norelco 7200 vacuum trimmer features 20 different length adjustment settings ranging from 0.5mm to 10mm. You will receive a precision trimmer, a beard comb as well as two 3 and 5mm detailing combs if you choose to buy it. You can check it out in action in the official video here

The precision trimmer allows for superbly precise and finer details and edge work, so the tool is a top choice for people who want to achieve a perfectly shaped goatee, a 5 o’clock, amazing sideburns or a magnificently formed moustache.

The 7200 is both cordless and convenient beard trimmer with vacuum function with about 80 minutes of grooming time after just one hour of charging of the Lithium-Ion battery. The device has an indicator which will alert you wen the battery starts running low.

One of the downsides of this vacuum trimmer as compared to the QT4070/41 is that it lacks the Turbo mode of its counterpart.

Also, it is slightly more difficult to clean out the vacuum compartment of this specific model because you will need to remove the comb and cutting head in order to get the trimmings out.

Yet again, when it comes to beard trimmers with a built-in vacuum this Remington has everything one needs when looking for the perfect combination between performance, versatility and price!

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No Mess Vacuum Beard Trimming–Quick starting guide

If you are new to using a vacuum beard trimmer, here are some basic steps to take in order to learn how to properly use it to perform a perfect job with as little mess as possible:

  1. Make sure that your beard is washed and dried properly before you start.
  2. Install the appropriate length comb of your choice.
  3. Set the comb length you want and turn the trimmer on.
  4. Glide the trimmer slowly through the beard by following the contours of your face.
  5. The vacuum will collect any stubble and trimmed hairs while you are working on your beard.
  6. After you are done remember to clean out the vacuum compartment.
  7. If necessary, select a detail trimmer attachment for finishing off and dazzling edge up.