Details are important: the 5 star Cordless Magic Clipper has a crunch, durable bladeSo, you have finally made the decision to do your own hair cutting at home?

It is essential for newbies to choose light, easy to use and yet efficient hair cutters. This is important for your own comfort, as well as for achieving the expected results – namely a perfect DIY haircut.

One of the top choices is the Wahl’s 5 star Magic Clip.

Whether you choose to buy the V9000 corded Magic Clipper or the cordless model, you will be making a very reasonable investment. They are both among the finest models offered by Wahl.

This review will focus on the 5 star cordless Magic Clip, and how it compares to the corded Clip. You can also read about the difference between the Cordless Designer vs cordless Magic Clip, as well as my thorough V9000 Clip vs Seniors comparison.

Hopefully, you will be able to pick the clippers to suit your needs after this rather comprehensive review.

Compared: corded V9000 vs cordless Magic Clip

When deciding between the corded or cordless Wahl 5 star Magic clips, keep in mind that they are both excellent hair cutting devices. But they both have their pros and cons.

Even though they are both 5 star Magic Clip devices, they do have some differences worth noting.

The obvious difference is the cordless vs the corded operation of the two clippers.

But there are differences in the dimensions as well.  While the corded version is 6.5 inches long and weighs 1 lb.. The cordless Magic Clips are almost 40% lighter and weigh only 10 oz. They are shorter too with a length of 6.25 inches.

Another essential difference is in their motors. The corded hair cutter is powered by a V9000 motor which is the strongest electromagnetic motor offered by Wahl. The same is used for the Wahl Seniors series.

Magic clips - V9000 vs the cordless

The cordless 5 star Magic Clipper has a rotary motor. It is not as powerful as Wahl’s V9000, but it is easier to operate. The reason is that its Magic Clip blades move backward and forward in a parallel manner. This decreases the risk of the blades getting misaligned and causing frantic movements and of overheating during the grooming.

There is a difference in the blades too. The corded version is fitted with a 2-hole Wahl #2190 blade with a zero overlap feature. This blade is fade-ready and is the same as in the 5 Star Seniors.

The 5 star cordless Clip, on the other hand, features a #2161 crunch blade. It has a more universal range which can be used for fades and close cuts and is generally the more precise blade of the two.

As for the accessories included with the clippers – they are the same. You will receive 8 Wahl guards for tapering, blading and fading including: #1/2, #1(1/8″), #1.5 (3/16″), #2 (1/4″), #3 (3/8″), #4 (1/2″), #6 (3/4″) and a #8 (1″).

A guard #7 is not included in either of the kits. But, you will receive blade oil, a cleaning brush and a red blade guard with either model.

Pricewise, the wireless model is nearly twice as costly as the corded version.

So, here is the final verdict of this corded (V9000) vs cordless Magic Clip standoff:

If you want a budget-friendly traditional clipping tool which is great for tapering and for fades – you should probably go with the corded version.

But if you are looking for the more comfortable version – the cordless 5 star Magic Clip is the better option. It has no cord to mess with your haircutting job. It is much lighter and a tad shorter than the corded one. Plus, its blades are much less likely to go “crazy” during a haircut due to getting misaligned in the process.

If you are still not sure, take a look at a detailed overview of the 5 star cordless Magic Clip itself.

Where the cordless Magic Clip excels?

Contents of the kitThis cordless clipper from the 5 star Magic clip series is the perfect combination of power and performance.

It weighs a mere 0.62 lbs. which means absolutely no strain or fatigue for your hands even after continuous use.

Another plus is the cordless Magic Clipper’s rotary motor. The way it works limits the risk of uncontrolled movements which can occur with electromagnetic motors. Such movements can lead to added pressure on the blades and overheating of the clippers.

As mentioned before, the Wahl 5 star Magic clip’s blade is a stagger tooth Wahl crunch type blade which is one of the best universal blades around. It will ensure that you complete perfect and precise fades. It will also easily and smoothly cut through any type of hair, even ethnic, curly and thick one.

Of course, the fact that the clipper is cordless makes it a perfect hair cutting tool with no restrictions from a power cord. Also, you can use it wherever you want to, even if there is no power outlet around.

As for the batteries, don’t worry. It is powered by a durable lithium-ion battery which can hold a 90-minute charge. This is an amazing amount of time off the grid, which is sufficient for completing any haircut.

And it is a huge amount of time, as compared to the charge which the other wireless cutters on the market can hold.

Plus, the battery takes only about 3 to 4 hours to charge fully.

But even if you happen to run out of power during a haircut, you can always plug the cordless Clipper into a power outlet and go ahead with your job!

Pain points of the cordless Magic Clip

The only potential problem of the cordless Wahl magic clip is that its motor may lose some torque on rare occasions. The reason is the rotary motor. It is different from the V9000 electromagnetic motor of the corded V9000 Clip, and you may feel that it is slowing down in some instances.

But, if you are careful and use it smoothly, you shouldn’t face any such problems with the cordless Magic Clips.

Also, make sure that you are extra careful when using the Wahl 5 star Magic clip’s blade because it can be very sharp, especially when you zero gap it.

Please, take the time to get used to the cordless clippers and test the functions first before going ahead and nicking your skin with its sharp blades!

Nevertheless, the Wahl 5 star Magic clip is one of the best barber range clippers for newbies.

Wahl cordless Magic Clip vs Wahl cordless Designer

Which is the right for you?

Which one offers the ultimate freedom of movement: Wahl Cordless Designer vs Wahl cordless Magic ClipThe blade is where the cordless Magic Clip and the Designer differ. The Designer comes with a universal Wahl #1005 blade. It may be great for general haircuts, but it is not as good as the crunch blade of Wahl 5 star Magic Clip. The latter is much more versatile and has a zero overlap. Also, the Designer doesn’t feel as sturdy as the Magic Clips.

When it comes to the design, the choice between the two depends on your personal preferences. If you are a fan of the classic burgundy and chrome Wahl clipper design – go for the 5-star Magic clippers. On the other hand, the Designer flaunts a great crimson look.

In either case, you will get the same set of accessories, including the 8 blade guards, the oil, the brush and the blade guard.

Wahl Magic Clip vs Wahl Senior-What is the difference?

As for the Magic Clip vs Wahl Senior head-to-head, there is no definite winner.

The Seniors are ultra-heavy duty professional clippers and are also great for fades. They have the same Wahl #2191 fade blades.

The Seniors have the same powerful motor as the Magic corded clip, but the former have sturdy metallic housing. This is a better option for those of you who prefer heavier and more secure clippers. This difference is especially obvious in the Reflections Senior which provide the best tight grip and overall sturdiness.


It is probably quite evident by my Wahl Magic clip cordless review that I am a big fan of this particular model.

The main reasons are that these cordless clippers are very light, ergonomic and comfortable to hold and use.

Also, you have probably noticed in this Wahl Magic clip review, that I love the exceptional quality of the rotary motor and the crunch blade, as well as the long battery life of these cordless cutters.

Overall, I recommend this model highly for beginners, and for those of you looking for a versatile, easy to use professional hair cutters.

The 5 star cordless clippers will make your life easier, and will allow you to perfect professional-quality haircuts in the comfort of your home!

So, don’t waste any more time, and invest in these amazing cutters, and you will save a huge amount of money for professional barber services, as well as time for having to go get a haircut and wait in line for your turn at the barbershop.