Wahl Elite Pro review of these truly outstanding home haircut kits and their new motor technologyLooking for the perfect home haircut kit which includes a reliable and powerful clipper along with all accessories you will need for your DIY haircuts?

The Wahl Elite Pro clipper kit is the best clipper kit on the market right now.

The reason behind this bold statement is that the set consists of sturdy and powerful Wahl Elite Pro clippers, along with a set of top quality stainless steel Wahl combs. All of these come at an incredibly attractive price too.

The main pros of this kit include the fact that the clipper is very well built and solid. Also, it is one of the easiest to use and the best in the home clipper range.

Plus, the kit includes Wahl’s high-end professional range steel combs.

As for the cons, some of you may find the Elite Pro a bit too heavy. Others may miss the fact that it doesn’t have a left and right ear taper. Last but not least, let’s admit it – it is not a true professional hair clipper.

Overview of the Wahl Elite Pro clippers

What I loved in the Wahl Elite Pro haircut kit

Before I get into the details about why I love this kit in my Wahl Elite Pro review, let’s take a peek at what you can expect to receive when you order the Wahl Elite Pro high performance haircut kit #79602. So, what’s in the box?

  1. What's in the box of the Wahl Elite Pro high performance haircut kit #79602The clippers
  2. A comb and a styling shear
  3. A complete set of 10 high-end Wahl metal clipper guards (#1/2, #1, #1 ½, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7 and #8)
  4. A nifty storage bag for the clipper guards
  5. A 28 x 40-inch barber’s cape
  6. A sturdy storage case for the entire kit
  7. A clipper blade cover, a styling shear blade cover, a cleaning brush and clipper oil

As you can see, you will get a full set tools and accessories to start cutting your hair at home, without the need for any additional purchases. This makes the #79602 Wahl Elite Pro high performance haircut kit a perfect gift for any man – young or old who prefers to cut his hair at home.

The main plus, of course, is the fact that the Wahl Elite Pro are sturdy and powerful.

They have a very durable hard plastic body with beautiful chrome lines to complete their fantastic design.

Also, the Wahl Elite Pro motor offers a much better and smoother performance than some of the other Wahl motors, such as that of the Chrome Pro cutters. Overall, it is better than all of the motors of Wahl’s clippers made for home use.

It is an undeniable fact that the Wahl Elite Pro has that professional masculine feeling once you place it in your hand.  Yes, it can be heavier than some of the other clippers for home use, but this is what you get if you want such a powerful motor.

The blades are another feature which I admit I love about this model.  Together with the powerful motor, they can cut through any type of hair like butter. These are special stainless steel blades especially designed and made for smooth cutting.

Best of all, the cutting blades are self-sharpening, so you needn’t worry about maintenance!

So, if you buy this gift set you will get a chance to achieve excellent cut at home, without the need of spending time and money for too much maintenance of your tools.

Last but not least, these home hair clippers are very easy to use, and are suitable for beginners and for enthusiasts alike.

The devil is in the details: Wahl Elite’s steel guards

Wahl blades and steel guards are the elite pro's biggest assetsTrue, they are not entirely made of metal, but the Elite Pro’s guards included in this kit are made of strong plastic combined with stainless steel.

This makes a big difference for their fit to the clippers, their durability as well as their ease of use.

Unfortunately, both the standard Oster and Wahl guards are usually made of somewhat flimsy plastic. This hinders the performance of the clippers and also makes DIY cuts and trims much more challenging.

Unlike them, these Wahl metal clipper guards fit securely and tightly to the clipper blade. Their construction also ensures that they will last longer than the regular plastic ones.

Overall, better fitting and better quality guards lead to better, more precise haircuts, and to a lesser mess during the process.

Also, please note that this kit includes a complete set of 10 Wahl guards including a #1/2 and a #1 ½ ones which are pretty rare.

Given the current price of this home haircutting kit from Wahl, only the full set of blade guards costs as much as this whole set will if you choose to buy it separately.

What are the shortcomings of the Wahl Elite Pro

This would turn out to be a totally subjective Wahl Elite pro review, if I don’t mention some of its flaws.

Firstly, even though you get an amazing set of accessories with this kit, you won’t receive the right and left ear tapers which we all know are essential for proper home hair cutting.

Of course, you can easily resolve this problem by purchasing a set of tapers separately, or use ones from another clipper set which you already own. They are not too expensive, so it won’t hurt your budget that much.

Also, as I stressed earlier in my overview, the Wahl Elite Pro’s performance is not like that of the truly professional Wahl clippers such as the Seniors.

The reason is that being made for a clipper for home use, the Elite Pro motor is not nearly as powerful as the roaring V9000 motor of the Wahl Seniors.

Despite being made of good quality steel and having a self-sharpening function, don’t expect them to make perfect fade as those of the Wahl Legend.

When it comes to clippers made for DIY home use, these Wahl home clippers are definitely the best.

Naturally, you shouldn’t expect to get a barber grade performance from them. Then again, at this price and with all of the elements included in this kit – this is an amazing deal!

Last but not least, because of the powerful motor and bulkier design, you may find the Elite pro uncomfortably heavy for prolonged use, or for more complicated cuts.


All in all, I have to say that the Wahl Elite Pro high performance is the best of all of the available Wahl home kits if your goal is to achieve awesome haircut at home every single time.

The clipper has a powerful motor and sharp blades which when combined ensure an ultimate smooth hair cutting experience. The Elite Pro is most definitely much better than any of the other Wahl home clippers offered.

In fact, thanks to the perfect combination of this powerful clipper and the full set of the high-end steel guards, this particular kit may be the best one in its range among all other brands too.

You also get the barber’s cape, and all other accessories which you can store in the nifty storage case.

All of this is offered at an amazingly affordable price, which as I noted is as much as you would pay for the Elite steel blades alone.

So, if you are still wondering whether you will be making a wise investment if you buy this kit for DIY haircuts – don’t! The Wahl Elite Pro haircutting kit for home use is simply too good to be missed. Go ahead and get your own home grooming kit at a very reasonable price now.