Wahl 5 star Legend review doesn't hold back anything about the Wahl barber clipperDo you love the new style of the classic Wahl 5 star Legend clipper?  Here is everything you must know about this Wahl electric cutting machine.

It is less expensive than the other Wahl professional clippers. It is also considerably lighter than most of them. This is why it is highly recommended as a set of professional barber clippers for newbies in the barber business.

In fact, it is often called the “Wahl Senior for beginners.”

But don’t let this discourage you. This barber clipper is actually much more potent and has considerably more punch than some of the higher end hair cutters on the market.

Here is a detailed review of the Wahl 5 star Legend clipper which should help you decide whether or not this is the suitable hair cutter for you.


Wahl 5 star Legend clipper rundown

The Legend clipper has been specially designed and made to produce seamless hair blending and very soft line fading jobs.

This barber clipper has a longer blending range thanks to its extended blade lever.

What is the place of the Wahl professional Legend among its 5 star line competitors?

Its deep-toothed wedge blade will help you complete smooth blunt cuts like never before.

It comes with an array of 8 cutting guides from 1/16 inches to 1 inch, and a styling comb, oil, and a cleaning brush. This is everything you need if you are an aspiring barber, learning how to perfect your haircutting skills.

The Wahl Legend clipper weighs 1 lb. and is 6.25 inches long, which allows for stress-free use and maneuvering.

Its powerful V9000 electromagnetic motor is simply mind-blowing!

Here is what you will definitely like about the Legend clipper:

  • It is sold at a very reasonable, budget-friendly price
  • It is powered by a roaring V9000 electromagnetic Wahl motor
  • Features a very flexible blade adjustment lever for perfect blends
  • The crunch blade is excellent for fades

And now some of the cons of this barber clipper:

  • The 8 guards which come with it are somewhat flimsy
  • It is not really a true professional barber clipper
  • The lever can cause some problems during use

Now, it’s time for a closer look at the features of the Wahl 4 star Legend clipper.

Design and body of the Wahl 5 star Legend clipper

The design of the Legend clipper is in close adherence to the classic Wahl 5 star classic design. It has a burgundy colored hard plastic body with a silver stripe in the middle.

It is 6.25 inches long and weighs 1 pound, which is lighter than the 1.2 pounds Wahl Senior.

This helps reduce the fatigue after prolonged use and also makes it much easier to maneuver.

And more, the hard plastic body doesn’t heat up as much as an all-metal body, which is great news if you are planning on using it for long haircutting jobs.

The adjustment lever is very useful for achieving the perfect fades.

Overall, the Legend clipper is a perfect mix of professionalism and convenience.

Power within: Wahl Legend blade and motor

What's the deal with the crunch blade of the Wahl Legend clippers?The Wahl 5 star legend clipper is powered by the most powerful electromagnetic Wahl V9000 motor. The same one is used in the higher end Wahl professional hair clippers.

Thanks to the hard plastic body though, this particular hair cutting tool doesn’t heat up as much as the other ones.

As for the blades, this is what distinguishes this model from the other Wahls. This clipper comes with the special Wahl crunch blade. It is actually the perfect combination between a fade and a taper blade. The crunch blade is the reason why this hair clipping tool is one of the best for fades.

The throw of the side lever of this model is longer than that of the standard Wahl clippers. It can reach to a #1A position. The standard Wahl blades can be adjusted from #000 to #1.

Best news of all, the crunch blade along with the powerful motor can cut through any type of hair, even thick, curly and ethnic hair.

Wahl legend vs Senior vs the other Wahl professional hair clippers

The fact that it is so affordable makes the Wahl 5 star Legend clipper the perfect tool for beginners in the barber trade. And it is the best choice for casual DIY users who want to get their hands on an affordable, high-grade cutting tool.

It may not be as powerful as the Wahl Senior, but the Legend is lighter, cheaper and heats up less. Plus, it doesn’t vibrate as much which is perfect for beginners with little experience.

This particular model can be compared to the cordless Wahl Magic Clipper. They both have crunch blades. The legend performs better but lacks the mobility and flexibility of cordless cutters.

Pain points of the Wahl Legend

5 star Legend clipper shows that the devil is in the details - just take a look at the included Wahl guardsThere are two main problems with this Wahl clipper. One is with the flimsy guards, and the other is the maintenance of the adjustment lever.

The fact that you get 8 Wahl combs with this clipper is great, but they are quite flimsy, unfortunately.

As with other Wahl clippers, the quality of the combs doesn’t meet that of the cutting machine itself, which is a shame.

The other problem is the side lever. Even though it is more flexible than that of some of the other adjustable blade cutters from Wahl, you need to be extra careful with it. The reason is that it can get loose easily. This is why you need to keep an eye on the screw which holds it in order to ensure that your fades and haircuts stay as tight as you want them to.


Even though there are some drawbacks as mentioned previously, this Wahl hair clipper is an excellent hair cutting tool for its price. It is the best choice and the most reasonable pick for newbies who are just starting up.

Wahl electric hair cutting machine may not provide the punch of the higher end clippers, but with its powerful motor and the unique crunch blades, it can help you achieve the perfect smooth haircuts.

If you choose this one to practice before moving on to higher grade professional clippers you will definitely be satisfied by its performance.